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Championing Slackware : No Lancelot, I.
Date: Monday, January 10, 2005 @ 18:16:32 EST
Topic: hardware

tuxmagazine.com :
Following Jon Biddell's praise for Libranet, two more people immediately came forward to champion their distro of choice, both carrying the Slackware banner and both for somewhat different reasons. Let's start with Lew Pitcher's answer to the call

Well, Marcel, that's some gauntlet you threw down, asking for people to champion their distribution of choice. I'm no Lancelot, but I'll certainly carry the banner for Slackware. So let's get to it.... I've used Slackware on my desktop since 1997, and I've not found a better, more stable, more capable desktop. I've tried Knoppix and Yoper, and worked on Red Hat and SuSE, but I always come back to Slackware.
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