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Kuwait Linux User Group: First Public KLUG Meeting: 17 Feb, 2005
Date: Friday, February 18, 2005 @ 11:34:35 EST
Topic: security

I would like to thank who ever attended the LUG meeting. It was really helpful, encouraging, and interesting. We met in Star Bucks, Meshrif Area - Kuwait at 8 pm. The weather was very nice and the topics discussed were very HOT:).

Ossama Khayat (An instructor from New Horizons - Human Soft and a member of Arabeyes.org) came with a lot of information including arabizing Open Office plus he showed us lot of interesting videos about Red Hat and Linux in general. Among those who attended were Meshal AL-Awathi (A Linux Expert and the Founder of KLUG) and Abdulaziz AL-Asfour (A Red Hat Certified Engineer and the Co. Founder of KLUG). Some of the topics discussed are outlined bellow.

For those who didn't attend, you really missed out an interesting event. Inshallah, we will see you in other upcoming KLUG meetings.


  • Q8Linux’s Guide to RHCE
  • Apps Arabization: Open Office: A member of Arabetes.org team promoted and encouraged us to work in Open Office arabization.
  • Website Improvement:
    • Logo
    • Banner
    • Intro Page
    • Sections
      • Projects Section
      • Core Members Section
      • Linux Video Section
      • Linux Themes Section


  • Promoting KLUG, Linux, and Open Source:
    • Universities Forums
    • Kuwaiti Websites (Banner Exchange)
    • Conferences
    • Installfests
      • http://www.installfest.org

Operating Systems:

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