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Kuwait Linux User Group: Third Public KLUG Meeting: 17 Mar, 2005
Date: Friday, March 18, 2005 @ 12:04:30 EST
Topic: News

Salamu Alaykom.

This is our 3rd public meeting in which we discussed a variety of topics. All what I can say about the meeting now that the number of attendance has been increased since last meeting. We have talked about what we have accomplished so far and how to improve our KLUG to better serve the community in the near future. Also we have introduced the power of Linux to two persons who had questions about it. We showed them various of Linux applications and how they compete with Windows based application.

The people who attended are:

1- Meshal AL-Awathi
2- Abdulaziz AL-Asfour
3- Mohammad AL-Mansour
4- Ossama Khayat
5- Ali (Scorpix)
6- Hisham AL-Temimi

And two other persons.

If you are interested in Linux or have questions about it, you are most than welcome to be in our next meetings.

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