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Solsoft NetfilterOne
Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2005 @ 05:03:46 EDT

Enterprise-Class Functionality to Open Source Firewall

Solsoft NetfilterOne is a graphical interface that will automate the design, deployment and documentation of security rules and policies as they pertain to a networked netfilter firewall. As the name suggests, NetfilterOne will support one installation of the netfilter firewall.

With Solsoft NetfilterOne, IT administrators will realize the advantages of a centralized interface from which to configure, deploy, enforce and audit rules and policies consistently among netfilter firewall(s). NetfilterOne is the ideal tool to remotely maintain security policies on Linux servers, webservers, DNS, Mail servers which often resides on DMZ.

Solsoft NetfilterOne allows automatic firewall, NAT and anti-spoofing rules generation.

  • No manual coding
    Centralizing and automating design and generation of accurate security configurations for all devices using the same management software is very important for small, resource-constrained IT departments.

  • Higher operational efficiency
    Solsoft NetfilterOne enables you to deploy accurate security rules to ALL security devices on your network, instead of manually configuring devices one at a time. Changes to complex networks can be made in minutes – reducing the costs required to manage multi-vendor security environments.

  • Faster incident response
    Solsoft NetfilterOne makes your organization more agile and improves your ability to react to virus, worm, and network attacks. More importantly, Solsoft’s policy-based system hardens your network against future attacks by making sure security rules are consistently and correctly configured end-to-end – something that is very hard to do through other means.

  • Broad interoperability
    Solsoft NetfilterOne provides the glue that connects the sources of policy – business requirements, security audits, vulnerability scans, and event correlation alerts – with the security device infrastructure that must be configured to enforce policy. Only a truly open management solution can provide this level of interoperability and agility.

  • Greater vendor and device independence
    Solsoft NetfilterOne supports the ability to import existing device configurations and quickly migrate to different security platforms. With Solsoft NetfilterOne, you enjoy the flexibility to pick the best security device based on price vs. performance, regardless of team expertise.

    Solsoft NetfilterOne provides the following features:

    Graphical Security policies with a Visual drag-and-drop user interface
    Automatic Firewall, NAT and anti-spoofing rules generation
    Easy to define granular policy for hosts, server, net or subnets
    Automatic policy validation and deployment

    Requirements :

    - GNU/Linux or Microsoft Windows Server
    - 1GB RAM minimum
    - 2 GB free hard disk space
    - Display adapter and monitor capable of displaying 32 K colors at 1024 x 768 resolution minimum, 1280 x 1024 is recommended

    Availability and Pricing :

    Solsoft NetfilterOne is now available for FREE download and purchase for multiple devices. For pricing, please contact your local Sales Representative.
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