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Newbie: NetBSD-based live CD.
Date: Saturday, February 04, 2006 @ 02:58:47 EST

This acronym NeWBIE is pronounced just like the word "newbie" and stands for (Ne)tBSD (W)are (B)urned (I)n (E)conomy. Newbie is a NetBSD live CD (Fluxbox GUI) similar in spirit to the well-known FreeSBIE live CD. Newbie currently caters to the casual desktop-user but will also serve as a core for creating a NetBSD version of Arudius (see below) - a network security auditing tool. Why based on NetBSD?

Because contrary to the popular opinion, NetBSD is not some obscure *BSD flavor that is only good for powering your toaster, but is a powerful, flexible and highly portable operating system. In many aspects it is better than its more famous cousins. Did you know that NetBSD recently broke the speed record for network data transfer? And it's also got speed and scalability (when you click on the link note the first item of the "News" section:-)

You can read more about the CD at http://arudius.sourceforge.net

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