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7900GT Workstation Performance
Date: Friday, March 31, 2006 @ 17:29:17 EST

The primary card used in testing was the EVGA e-GeForce 7900GT CO SUPERCLOCKED 256MB for which we have been using a lot over the past couple of days. This card comes overclocked by default to speeds of 550MHz for the G71 core and 1580MHz memory frequency, compared against the reference 450/1320MHz. As we had done earlier this week with our NVIDIA 1.0-8751 + EVGA 7900GT 256MB review.

we ran the card at various GPU/memory frequencies that were controlled from CoolBits. SPECViewPerf was compiled for Linux x86_64 using GCC. Other cards used for comparison purposes today was the eVGA 6800GT 256MB and the Gigabyte 6600GT 128MB. Below is the system configuration used and on the next page are our results.

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