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phoronix: NVIDIA 1.0-8XXX Driver Round-Up
Date: Thursday, June 01, 2006 @ 17:20:45 EDT
Topic: adv

With the launch of the NVIDIA 1.0-8762 proprietary Linux display drivers last week, it has marked the end of the road for the Linux/Solaris/FreeBSD 1.0-8XXX drivers. While we probably will not see the NVIDIA Linux 1.0-9XXX series at an earliest until August or September -- the Windows ForceWare 91.28 Beta drivers had come out last week -- we have decided to do a recap of these recent NVIDIA drivers. We have re-tested the 1.0-8174, 1.0-8178, 1.0-8756, and the newest 1.0-8762 drivers and have put them through an array of benchmarks. We have also recapped the changes for these drivers through the various releases.

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