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Interview with Slackware founder available for download
Date: Sunday, November 05, 2006 @ 09:35:37 EST
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Patrick Davila, of the Linux Link Tech Show, has published the audio of a recently aired, exclusive 90-minute interview with Slackware Linux creator and chief maintainer Patrick Volkerding.

A large number of current Linux distros are based on Slackware, including Easys, Myah OS, Zenwalk, GolbinX, and PocketLinux.

In the interview Volkerding discusses many topics, such as why and how he created Slackware in 1993, his philosophy regarding what Slackware is all about, why his "team" isn't really a "team," and why Slackware does not have a package manager with dependency checking.

This interview is definitely worth a listen if you use Slackware, are interested in learning about it, or simply want to hear one of the legendary pioneers of Linux. During the interview, Volkerding admits that he is one of the "oldest surviving Linux geeks."

Listen to the interview via desktoplinux.com

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