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cl33n - Pure Portable Personal Computing
Date: Wednesday, May 09, 2007 @ 03:08:37 EDT
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cl33n is a clean, free, safe, Linux-based web browsing environment for any PC. With cl33n, you have a virus-free, spyware-free, personal environment for internet banking, emailing, social networking and anything else you normally do online. Almost all viruses & trojans are written for Windows so are incompatible with Linux systems like cl33n.

cl33n does not make any changes to the computer so you can use it safely on any PC: your privacy is protected.

To get started:

Download cl33n Visit the download page to download cl33n and make your own cl33n CD, then...
Insert CD ...insert the cl33n CD into the computer, and...
Restart ...restart the computer.
cl33n starts cl33n starts up straight from the CD, then...
Connects ...connects to the internet and opens a web browser.

That's it! You can now surf the internet in a safe, fresh, virus-free environment. cl33n doesn't install itself or make any changes to the computer. When you're finished surfing you just shut down cl33n, then...

Remove CD ...remove the cl33n CD and...
Windows starts ...the computer will restart as normal.

When you want to use cl33n again you just insert the CD and restart the computer. cl33n will start up exactly the same clean & safe environment every time.

Download cl33n now or read the frequently asked questions to find out more.

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