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New Linux nForce Drivers fro IA32 and AMD64
Date: Wednesday, June 09, 2004 @ 00:27:12 EDT
Topic: adv

Seems like NVIDIA is still working on drivers for us Linux folks. On May 27 they released new nForce drivers for both AMD64 and IA32.
Here is the ChangeLog: 
Fixed performance problem in network driver that was causing stuttering in audio playback 
Added support for nForce3 platforms 
Added audio control panel application 
Added 6 channel output, audio input selection, speaker selection, per channel volume control, and analog / digital enable 
to audio driver. 
Added GART patch for kernel 2.4.21 
Added support for x86-64 architecture 
Added binary RPMs for SuSE Enterprise Server 8 x86-64 

Linux nForce Driver - IA32 - 1.0-0274 Linux nForce Driver - AMD64 - 1.0-0275

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