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Bill Gates visits China over Linux worries
Date: Saturday, July 03, 2004 @ 10:19:58 EDT
Topic: security

YESTERDAY, MICROSOFT chairman Bill Gates began his fourth visit to China in three years, where he will open up computer classrooms in Chinese schools.

Although he is primarily there to open up the classrooms, he will also be trying to stir up some love for Microsoft – competitors are acting very aggressively in the Chinese software market. The Chinese government has shown that it is willing to try out and incorporate a number of different software systems, including Windows arch-nemesis Linux. Microsoft probably has reason to be worried. Chinese companies and its government are finding Linux more appealing by the day, as it's such a low-cost alternative. Linux isn't the only cause for concern, though – Chinese "homegrown" software poses a major threat too. Last weekend, Microsoft apparently signed a deal with Changhong to cooperate in the multimedia market. The Taipei Times reports that Chinese media reckons Microsoft will soon announce a global partnership with IT distributor and software company Digital China. Microsoft reckons its Chinese branch is the most organised of its structures outside of the US, including joint ventures, research, support, and marketing facilities. Tim Chen, Microsoft vice-president and executive of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong operations allegedly told the China Daily "our core strategy is to implement a unified strategy, get rooted in China and grow with the local economy and software industry.
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