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Red Hat Announces New Courses, RHCA Certification
Date: Wednesday, July 14, 2004 @ 15:18:17 EDT
Topic: security

Red Hat announced new learning services to complement Red Hat's Open Source Architecture strategy. The new enterprise architect courses and RHCA certification are designed for experienced Linux system administrators who already have skills at the level of Red Hat's highly acclaimed Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) credential, now in its sixth year...

Consisting of four advanced courses, the new Enterprise Architect curriculum immerses participants in an equipment intensive classroom to develop skills on data center systems. Students learn in-depth systems and software management skills designed to enable organizations to scale the deployment and efficiency of Red Hat Enterprise Linux across the enterprise. Each student practices hands-on techniques using multiple servers plus storage arrays or SANs, all running Red Hat Enterprise Linux and other open source technologies. "The Enterprise Architect courses and RHCA will be attractive to companies interested in designing and managing open source architectures. The new courses develop top-level Linux expertise, for architects who design and manage multiple types of systems in complex infrastructures," said Peter Childers, vice president of Learning Services at Red Hat. "An RHCA has proven the skills required to plan, design, deploy and manage application servers running operations, back end databases in the data center and corporate applications on the desktop." The five courses comprising the RHCA curriculum include: RHS333, comprehensive network services security training. RH401, a course in software deployment and systems management for large organizations, including use of Red Hat Network (RHN) managed services for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. RH423, training on directory services and authentication, a security solution critical for central management of servers and workstations. RH436, a course on enterprise storage management and GFS, new technologies from Red Hat. RH442, a course on performance tuning and system monitoring. The new courses and certification include access to a complex array of hardware running Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and focus on practical skills that are difficult if not impossible to develop on the job. The courses emphasize integrating Linux with other technologies including enterprise class products such as Red Hat cluster suite, Red Hat Network proxy and satellite servers.

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