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ibm.com: Installing DB2 Version 8.1.6 for Linux.
Date: Sunday, August 22, 2004 @ 16:00:37 EDT
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This article guides you through the steps to install IBM DB2? Universal Database Personal Edition V8.1.6, as well as the IBM Java™ Runtime Environment (JRE), with minimal fuss and frustration. Developers who are new to Linux or UNIX-based operating systems will get the most out of this article. Share your questions and comments on this article with the author and other readers in the discussion forum for this article.

This article shows you how to: 

Check your Linux for required space and prerequisite packages, such as pdksh
Install the IBM JDK with the rpm command
Install DB2 with the db2setup command
Add a tools catalog to an existing DB2 installation
Install the DB2 developer tools
Take your first steps with DB2

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