Intel's New ''Nocona'' Xeon: Part 1.

Posted on Saturday, October 30, 2004 @ 15:24:05 EDT by meshal
It's been a long time in the making and today we have our first look at Intel's latest ‚ÄúNocona‚Ä? core Xeon processors paired with the Intel E7525 chipset.
What do these processors and chipset offer over the previous generation of Xeon processors? Well, if you've read our latest Pentium 4 articles, two of the features have been covered: PCI Express support and DDR2 support. What's new to the table of the Xeon processor is a new 64-bit instruction set and 64-bit addressed memory support. While not a 100% compatible implementation, the Intel Xeon processors now support a version of x86_64 that will run most of the code generated previously for the Athlon 64/Opteron processors. This is also the first generation of Xeon processors to support an 800MHz front-side bus like their Pentium 4 brothers. Now let's get into this in more detail and find out who currently holds the performance crown in the workstation market, the AMD Opteron or Intel Xeon. This will be a two part review. This first review will compare the competition with two of the available platforms and in the second part we will throw in a couple more options.
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