HNFTools 4 Linux and Win32

Posted on Monday, October 31, 2005 @ 02:11:58 EST by meshal :

Pack/unpack fvt files to/from hnf files.
Both win32 and linux (ELF) versions for i386.

- fpc source code.
- no extra DLL used.
- both Win32 and Linux (ELF) versions for i386.

1) HNF files are used for settings distribution over the web.
2) FVT files are middle level files (text version), usually managed by settings editors softwares.
3) RAW files are binary files and they contain plain data.
4) HDF files are used for STB download and they are usually compressed.
5) RAW to/from HDF conversions can be performed using raw2hdf/hdf2raw tools by Humax Community.
6) HDF files can be uploaded to STB using FlashWriter tool by Humax Community.
7) RAW files can be downloaded from STB using FlashReader tool by Humax Community.
8) HNF to/from FTV conversions can be performed using hnf2fvt/fvt2hnf tools by Humax Community.
9) FVT to/from RAW conversions are not implemented yet ;)

fvt2hnf/hnf2fvt available in Downloads area.

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