Coyote Linux Personal Firewall 3.00 Build 31

Posted on Saturday, December 17, 2005 @ 21:14:59 EST by meshal

Coyote Linux Personal Firewall 3.00 build 31 is available for download. This release is the first release of the new Coyote Linux 3.00 firewall product. This product has been split from the Wolverine Firewall and VPN code base but is licensed for Personal and Educational use ONLY.

CLPF does not include support for VPN (PPTP/IPSEC) or 802.1q VLans. If you need support for these options, please purchase a license for the Wolverine product.

The download for CLPF is a bootable cdrom ISO image that needs to be burned to CD before installation. If your system can not be booted from CDROM, the images boot.img and root.img on the CD can be used to create boot floppies (you will still need the installation CD).

The requirements for the new version of Coyote are:

  • 486DX/25 Processor or better
  • 32MB of RAM
  • 32MB of IDE, SCSI, or SATA storage
  • CDROM (for installation)
  • 2 or more PCI network interface cards
* Coyote Linux 3.00 does NOT support PPP dialup connections. No support for PPP dialup is currently planned. If you need a dialup firewall, please use the Coyote Linux Floppy Firewall.

* Coyote Linux 3.00 ONLY supports PCI network interface cards. ISA support will not be added.

* Coyote Linux 2.xx addons will not function for Coyote Linux 3.x. Addon support is forthcoming, but does not exist yet.

* To access the CLPF web administrator, you need an SSL capable browser. You can connect to the web admin as such:

Where is the address you gave your Coyote firewall.

* Internet connection sharing (outbound NAT) is not enabled on a default install. Please see the Wolverine Firewall and VPN server manual for information about enabling outbound NAT (the instructions apply to this release of Coyote).

Coyote Linux 3.00 build 31 is available for download. This release fixes the following problems:
  • UPnP service not working properly
  • Web admin page not working for http remote access config
  • Web admin reload function fixed to prevent blocking access to the web admin after a reload
  • Several unused files were cleaned from the root firmware image
This release also contains an updated version of the firmware loader.

NOTE: This release can not be upgraded to using the firmware update web admin page. Until the firmware loader specs and process are finalized, this function can not be used. You will need to download the CDROM image and perform a CD upgrade to this version.

Homepage and more info here:


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