Step-by-Step: Creating a Wireless Network – Part 1 & 2

Posted on Tuesday, August 29, 2006 @ 05:05:15 EDT by meshal

It’s no secret by now that wireless networking is quickly replacing tangled messes of cables in many homes and small businesses. No more fishing wires through walls, no more tripping over wires laid across doorways, and no more yelling at Fido or Fluffy when think Ethernet cables are chew toys.

What people love most about wireless networking, though, is the freedom it offers to share files between a computer in your office and one in your lap out on the patio, or to surf the Internet from bed. But with that explosion comes an avalanche of choices and technologies that can quickly become overwhelming. The good news is that putting together a wireless network can be simple. The key is to assess your needs, acquire the right equipment, and proceed through a few basic steps.

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