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R.I.P. LinuX (Recovery Is Possible) v2.3

Posted on Friday, March 23, 2007 @ 21:48:46 EDT by meshal

Recovery Is Possible (RIP) is a Slackware-based CD or floppy boot/rescue/backup/maintenance system. It has support for a lot of filesystem types (Reiserfs, Reiser4, ext2/3, iso9660, UDF, XFS, JFS, UFS, HPFS, HFS, MINIX, MS DOS, NTFS, and VFAT) and contains a bunch of utilities for system recovery. It also has IDE/SCSI/SATA, PCMCIA, RAID, LVM2, and Ethernet/DSL/cable/PPP/PPPOE network support.

Homepage and more info here:


Download .ISO image from here:

View RIPLinuX (README) here:

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