Intel vs. AMD: Workstation Battle April '07

Posted on Sunday, April 15, 2007 @ 04:46:50 EDT by meshal

It's been quite a while since I've published a review of the workstation platforms from AMD and Intel, but, with all the changes in both platforms recently, it's high time. This brings us to this review of the Intel Xeon 5300 series processors and the AMD Opteron 2200 series processors. Intel's Xeon line has gone through some major changes that provide us with a new quad-core chip and a refined chipset, designed to maximize many different aspects of the systems' communications.

AMD's line has stayed fairly steady, and the biggest change the end user will notice is a move to DDR2 memory and a refined processor core. From here, let's go into more detail behind these platforms and take a look at which each offers in terms of performance under Linux.

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