STEAM Hacked, User Credit Cards May be at Risk

Posted on Thursday, April 19, 2007 @ 15:44:58 EDT by meshal

According to a posting made on an anti-STEAM website, a 22 old Russian hacker aka MaddoxX has bypassed Valve's security system and accessed a significant chunk of data, including:

  • Screenshots of internal Valve web pages
  • A portion of Valve's Cafe directory
  • Error logs
  • Credit card information of customers
  • Financial information on VALVe
While only the Cafe owners appear to be in immediate danger, MaddoxX claims to "have shell access everywhere" and has posted a list of login details for accounts on the VALVe servers, and private certificates for "People with a little bit (sic) experience ... create their own 'fake' but working cafe / certificate."

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