RAID from Command Line

1- fdisk /dev/hda  (p, t, Partition Number, Hex Code=fd)
2- copy and edit the suitable file from /usr/share/doc/raidtools-1.00.3 to /etc/raidtab
3- mkfs -j /dev/hda4   (repeat for all new partitions)
4- mkraid -R /dev/md0   (To start RAID, repeat for all)
5- cat /proc/mdstat  (to check)
6- mkfs -j /dev/md0  (to format the RAID, repeat for all)
7- cp -r /home/mj /hometmp, mount /dev/md0 /home/mj, & cp -r /hometmp /home/mj
8- e2label /dev/md0   /home/mj   (to label)
9- vi /etc/fstab -->  LABEL=/home/mj /home/mj ext3 defaults 1 2

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